“Everyone walks on the beach but no one really looks at the sand”
Pixle is an alternative clothing brand that takes the grainy core of the virtual world we participate in (the pixels) and brings their sometimes symbolic details to light that makes a new statement out of a pre-existing image.
What’s that statement you might ask?
However you define yourself as an individual is reflected through our clothing...not the other way around.
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Meet The Crew!
Two kids whom grew up in the small town of Big Bear decided to launch their own clothing brand after their senior year of high school. Why you might ask? Simple, Troy (pictured right) is attending Cal Poly Pomona studying Business Administration with an emphasis in E-Commerce. While Joshua (pictured left) is attending NYU studying music production. Troy has had an interest in online business and enjoys researching on his own time as well as attending his classes. Josh has always been an artistic individual who has been a fan of art and design thought his life. Our mission is to bring quality clothes with unique designs to you!